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Alejandra Okret
Tiny, bright particles floated on the air in my room on Viejo Pancho Street. One of my earliest memories is of me trying, futilely, to catch them. This simple and sensual early experience, coupled with my vibrant intellectual and multicultural upbringing, make me who I am today.
I was born in Montevideo to Austro-Hungarian parents who were very active in the cultural life of the city. I grew up among books, antiques, theater, film, music and of course, stories: stories of real adventures—and also flights of fancy—of my father, sitting together on our magic Persian carpet on our living room floor.
Some of my early work was done with a lip pencil on the back of our new ochre velvet chair, or dripping indigo-colored ink on our terracotta-tiled floor, or doodling in my mother’s art books. All of these early artistic endeavors were met by my parents with a mixture of horror and wonder.
My first art teacher was the lovely Miguel Angel Parejas, who accepted me at eleven years of age into a group of adults in the Gallery Aramayo.  At the age of fifteen, during the 1980s, I discovered Abstract Expressionism and the Japanese art of San Francisco. These first exposures intoxicated me with the other limitless possibilities of art.
I studied art history and humanities at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I then had the privilege of making a critical metamorphosis under the guidance of artist Claudio Olivieri, in the Nuova Academia di Belli Arti (NABA) in Milan, Italy. Claudio always told me: "Alessandra, you only have one soul, it’s useless to fight against it." or "Work, work, work ... that's the whole secret." I still adhere to these mantras today in my studio workshop in Modi'in, Israel.
I see my work as a visual poem. I try to capture the essence of the matter, and of the material. I am inspired by the elements of poetry, sensuality, feeling, association, metaphor, allusion, rhyme, alliteration and repetition. The words themselves are cast on the paper, taking on a shape and an outline. My works are like haiku. One must to stop to feel the echo. Alone in the silence of my study I tune in to an internal rhythm that sometimes makes me feel like an orchestra conductor. The table becomes a stage, the brush creates choreographies, somewhat like action painting. I decide when to go adagio, piano, forte, allegro … or moderato. Sometimes I become a disciplined painter of illuminated manuscripts, with delicacy and precision. I know my work is complete when I feel the music vibrating from within it.
I work almost exclusively with architectural tracing paper. The tracing paper, in contact with wet paint, takes on corporeality, changing the structure of paper and rendering it three-dimensional. This results in a work that changes with the light at different times of day, almost as if breathing. The art becomes a moment of existence, a sacred space, a moment of spirituality.

One-Person Exhibitions

2016   "Green Celadon" with the Celadon Artists Lilach Bar Ami, Anat Michaelis Levi. Guest artist Kimiko Yusida and Lu Yang.               The Artist House, Tel Aviv, curated by Nitza Perry
2015     "Fe de Erratas", Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Tamar Gispan-Greenberg
2014     "Zebras", Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Tamar Gispan-Greenberg
2012     "Fragole a Gennaio", Jewish Museum of Venice, Italy. Živa Kraus
             "Fragole a Gennaio", Ikona Gallery, Venice Ghetto, Italy. Živa Kraus
2010     'Musing pink", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, Noemi Shalev
2008     “Alejandra Okret, From the Gallery Collection”, Seeman Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv,  Hagai Segev,
2008     “Ciao Milano”, Hagai Segev, Artist House, Tel-Aviv
2008     "Japana", Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod
2006     "Inside the Transparent", Yfat Ben Nathan, Kyriat Haomanim, Kyriat Tivon
2005     "Pieces of Sky", Yahel Kainy ,Nahshon Gallery, Kibbutz Nahshon
2003     "The Glass Maker’s Daughter", Artists' House, Jerusalem
2001     "Postcards from the Edge". Gila Miller, Hottentot Gallery, Haifa
             "White", Popolus Gallery, Tel Aviv
1998     Open Studio, Kfar Daniel
1996     "Poems", Vittorio Mazzuconi Fund, Milano

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017     "Like a Whisper", Agripas 12, curated by Alejandra Okret & Doron Adar, July
            "Summer Exhibition II", Sara Erman Gallery, curated by Sara Erman, July
            "Between Sacred and Profane "Curated by Gabi Yair & Bitya Rosenak

2016    "Camouflage", Agripas 12 Gallery, Dina Yakerson
            "Stains (Ketemim)" Beit Omanim Modiin, Gabi Yair
            "Ark, from Oded Shatil's collection, 8 Lieberman Gallery,
             Tel Aviv curated by Yair Barak
            "Traces VI, Drawing Biennale"- Edna Mosenson, Sally Haftel Naveh
            "Paper Shredder" At Agripas 12 Curated by Max Epstein & Oded Zaidel  
             "Original Copy, A Visual Gaze at Oxymoron, ", Artist House, Modi'in curated by Doron Adar
            "Back to Eden", Yavne Artist House, curated by Anat Michaelis-Levy &  Sara Erman
2015    "Black and White", Neve Schechter, Tel Aviv Shira Friedman
             "Caught in the Thicket", Beit Omanim Modiin, Gabi Yair
             "Exposed", Beit Meirov Art Gallery, Nitza Perry 
             "Beuys, Beuys, Beuys", Meshuna Gallery, Liav Mizrahi
             "Teiot", Beit Hanzen, Max Epstein, Vasyl Sribny
             "Metzion", Agripas 12, Max Epstein, Nina Adina Rose
             "Under the Lamplight", Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Doron Adar, Oded Zaidel
             "Vashti", Neve Schechter, Tel Aviv, Shira Friedman
2014    "The Independables", Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem,Tamar Gispan-Greenberg
             "Prima", Artist House Modiin Maccabim Reut, Gabi Yair
2013    "Eat,Love", Beit Meirov Art Gallery, Nitza Perry
2012    "Not for Sale", Inside Oded Shatil's collection Contemporary Art Gallery Kyriat Tivon, Taly Cohen Garbuz
2011    "Furl Unfurl", Rehovot City Gallery, Ora Kraus
2010    "Visual Thoughts", Mishkenot Shananim, Irena Gordon
2009     “ZINE Project”, The Center For Recent Drawing, Andrew Hewish, London, England
2009     “Almond Fields” Event, Gallery Kibutz Nahshon, Yahel Kainy
2008     "Difdufim" , Seeman Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2007     "Traces III", drawing biennale, Artists' House, Jerusalem
1999     "33 x 33", Artists' House, Jerusalem
1999     "Dialogue", Zionist American House, Tel Aviv; Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem
1997     "Jacaranda Trees", Unicef Fair for Latin America, Milan, Italy
1997     "Rice Poems", Vercelli Art Biennale, Vercelli, Italy
1996     "Women on the Turning Point of Creativity", Castello di Vezio, Varena, Italy
1995      Graduates exhibition, Palazzo della Ragione, Milano, Italy


2007     Shoshanna Ish-Shalom Prize for artistic creation, Artists' House, Jerusalem

Special Projects

Aqua Bella, curated Bitya Rosenak exhibition, Agripas 12 Gallery Feb. 2016
Jewish Humor, Curatorial Research for the exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Venice, Italy, 2012.
Outreach to Fukushima , at Physics' Conference on Slow Dynamics Complex Systems, 2012 Symposium. Art  Project done with my students to support the rehabilitation efforts for the children of Fukushima. Children to Children.
 "ZINE Project 1- Drawings to Murder Magic (relating Antonin Artaud)", The Center for Recent Drawing, edited by Andrew Hewish, London, England
Biographical Notes

1966   Born in Montevideo, Uruguay
1986-1991   Art History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1993-1997   Painting, Fine Art Academy (N.A.B.A.), Milan, Italy
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