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Green Celedon
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Eat, Love
Eat, Love Read More »
curated by Nitza Perry Beit Meirov Gallery, Holon . January 2013

january strawberrries
january strawberrries Read More »
Old family photos often remain concealed within the yellowing pages of moldy albums. Alejandra Okret has decided to take her family's old photo albums out of the attic and bring to light the unique...

furl and unfurln
furl and unfurln Read More »
As well as painting, the artist builds objects from layers or rolls of tracing paper. The rolls of tracing paper are sometimes positioned inside sealed Perspex boxes which stand up, protecting their

visual thoughts
visual thoughts Read More »
The exhibition presents three artists who combine the visual with the verbal and examine the relationship between them. It is not a theoretical act but an intimate practice necessary for them in the..

musing pink
musing pink Read More »
Bring the machine that does ping,” John Cleese says in the middle of the open surgery in the film “The Meaning of Life”. That machine measures the human pulse, i.e. alive or dead.

ciao milano
ciao milano Read More »
Over a decade ago, in the mid-90s, Alejandra Okret studied at the Milan Art Academy. Since returning to Israel, her unique work has developed into a little island of grace and fragility in the stormy

japana Read More »
The show expresses the artist’s personal response to silk – an object of eternal fascination throughout the Far East and Europe. The sensuous feel of the fabric, its scent, transparency, bold vivid

pieces of sky
pieces of sky Read More »
When the world was still uncharted, travellers used the stars as a map. This work was developed as part of the “Japana / Silk Road” project, and later developed a life of its own. The project also...

La hija del vidriero
La hija del vidriero Read More »
The source of the name comes from the saying that one who is neither the son nor daughter of a glassmaker is unable to hide from view. Transparency and breakability is the core of these works.

white zen
white zen Read More »
Popolus, a Gallery in a Shelter turns into a shelter of calmness. White – an escape into the world of Zen comes after the exhibition Postcards from the Edge. In Postcards… I dealt with the current

postcards from the edge
postcards from the edge Read More »
In the series of paintings “Postcards from the Edge”, the local political reality is put on the stand. Each painting becomes a witness to highlights of individual destiny, cut by a hard hand with the


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