La hija del vidriero
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"La hija del Viderio"    (Glass Maker's Daughter)
Artists' House,  Jerusalem
June 2003
Alejandra Okret, The Glass Maker's Daughter, la hija del vidriero

  The source of the name comes from the saying that one who is neither the son nor daughter of a glassmaker is unable to hide from view. Transparency and breakability is the core of these works. This transparency unveils the desire to contain something that in essence is diaphanous; therefore it exists and ceases to exist at the same time. Like dust in the air that can be seen only when a ray of light filters through the shutters, transparency exists, as well, only for a second, and a second later vanishes with the light. The paintings are the product of concentration, reduction and renewed spontaneity. Despite their transparency Okret’s works rouse the senses. They invite the viewer to experience the moment that material touches material.

Hagai Segev

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