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Artists' House, Jerusalem

Artists' House, Tel-Aviv

Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod


Hagai Segev

Mirit Golan, Poetry in Painting( Shir Be Tziur), Modiin News, 11th  December, 2007

Dana Gillerman, Stars on the Floor, (Hebrew) Haaretz, October 2005

Zehava Lupu, Strawberries Fields for Ever, Modiin News,January 2004 pp 100-101(Hebrew)

Uzi Zur, End of the Year Trip, Ha’aretz, 4th Friday, July, 2003 pp4ה Culture and Literature (Hebrew)

Shira Fur, Bimba & Adolf, Route Number 1, The Big Explosion and The Tragedy of the Versai Hall- Exhibitions at the Artist house in Jerusalem, Kol Hazman Jerusalem Weakly, 27th June 2004 (Hebrew)

Meir Ronen, Evocation of Thing Past, The Jerusalem Post, Friday, July 11, 2003

David Rapp, Situation Reports on Postcards, Ha’aretz, Friday, October 5, 2001
Limor Kalifa, Alejandra Okret Sends Postcards, October 2001

Meir Ronen, The Old as New, Jerusalem Post, Friday September 24, 1999


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