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The fascination with clouds, nubes, nuvole ... it is an initial experience of our surroundings. Already as babies we could spend long periods of times observing what goes on above us; while as children we were taught to discover images in the clouds. Moments of magic became related to the experience of observing the sky. Clouds have classifications, they announce the weather, meteorological experts decipher them, gather information they pronounce forecasts… My clouds have to do with all those experiences but mostly with the existential part in them. There are gases, intangible, they change with the rays of light, with the dust, with the temperature… an echo of us Humans, a connection to something bigger, higher, mysterious … moving, in transition.
From 2015 to 2019 clouds was a subject that I continually explored. Bringing to two exhibitions one in Agripas 12 gallery, Jerusaelm A Moment Before the Words curated by Yanai Segal and an other in Bushy Sinagogue, London curated by Efrat Colover.
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Clouds - Alejandra Okret

Clouds float high in the sky, distant, constantly changing, appearing and fading. One can find in their shapes dreams and wishes, reality or fantasy, monsters and pleasures. We shall find in them everything we seek and all that we fear.

These qualities are the basis for the creation of all art, for it is created every day, every moment anew - in the imagination. Once created, art disappears like the magic of reality, the magic of creation, which only an artist sees in the reality of his life.

The painted clouds by Alejandra Okret, created on canvas, help the viewer delve into them and dream - ones' private dreams. Then, the gaze shifts to the next dream, peeking out the window of unrealized visions - which are in the airy, evaporating white memory, that remains as a reality embedded in the world of infinite creation.

Hagai Segev, curator

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