I am pleased to announce I am currently participating in three exhibitions.
The Salon at Agripas Street

Below are some images from each show, for more information on each show click on the name

White Tablecloth Map

Art Performance/Installation

White cotton paper, treated photos from my Viennese family’s photo album from the beginning of the 20th century printed pigment on archive paper, acrylic, pencil, Japanese brushes, Porcelain tea set from the Austrian family, table

The Salon at Agripas Street,

curated by Rina Peled and Max Epstein,

Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem

The Pink Line

Verisimilitude, curated by Audrey Sklar Levy,

Sklar Levy Gallery, Modi'in

The Pink Line - Artist Wall at “Verisimilitude “curated by Audrey Sklar Levy at Sklar Levy Gallery, 2020-21

A political line, a philosophical line, a communications line, an underground line albeit also a timeline, a geographical line that divides our planet in latitude and longitude, Rambam’s middle line because pink is a kind of grey, a Zen grey…in between the fury and passion of red and the peace and enlightenment of white. The Pink as feminism, vulnerability, softness …or simply a life line  


(Isolation in Pandemic Lockdown)

virtual group exhibition curated by Nitza Pery

Rav Tchumi, Modi'in

A white ink drawing on tracing paper, a white image of a girl, her hair blown by the wind. The girl seems vulnerable and fragile, afraid of the unknown, afraid of loneliness. My own reflection on the glass brings another character to the scene. The spotlight becomes a window of hope within the isolation of these Pandemic times. For the artist, the studio is a haven… a retreat.