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Strawberries Chapter, Agripas Artist Book

Agripas 12 gallery made in 2018 a collectuve Artist Book,during a few months all the members worked in their studios with the same format and the same paper. We were all united in one creation. This is my chapter made of dragons, strawberries, clouds, skies and zebras. All main symbols of my work. Tess of the d'Urbervilles being tempted by a strawberry appears twice in different versions, she is the cover and the back of my chapter. The strawberry as the symbol of the importance and beauty of the impermanent, mono non aware, might be seen here as art itself. The dragons in the second and last page slide out of the frame, we mostly sense his presence, but cannot grasp, he does not stay long enough to do so. These dragons are from the Far East, the symbolize the power of nature. They appear and disappear in between fogs and clouds; they are more perceived than really observed. While the Green Dragon, comes from a Fairy Tale, he was pure, and then turn into a colorful mess. Things in life do not always as we expect, but we do our best with what we have. The pile of strawberries has a sense of plenty, of sensuality in life. The young zebra hides in the meadows, the long grass is dried, end of the summer. The animal is small in a big open space, vulnerable but facing us, observing. The cielo (sky-heaven) has waves, clear and faded areas and sparkles.
Acrylic, ink, watercolor and pigment on paper
Jerusalem, 2018
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