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Alejandra Okret curriculum vitae 

Biographical Notes


1966 Born in Montevideo, Uruguay.


1998 - today Lives & works in Modi’in, Israel




1993-7 Painting, Fine Art Academy (N.A.B.A.), Milan, Italy

1990-2 Studies for M.A. in Art History and Museology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1986 -1990 Art History, B.A. & General Humanities B.A. (Spanish and Latin American Literature, Feminism, Communications,                           Japanese Art, Japanese Culture, Education) Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1976 Studies Painting with Miguel Angel Parejas, Uruguay



Solo Exhibitions


2019 Accelerated Thoughts, Artist Wall at Artist’s House Tel Aviv, (Zine)- Alejandra Okret in Conversation with Nurit David text by             Nurit David

2018 A Moment Before the Words, Agripas 12, Jerusalem, curator Yanai Segal

2015 Fe de Erratas, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, curator Tamar Gispan- Greenberg

2014 Zebras, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, curator Tamar Gispan-Greenberg

2012 Fragole a Gennaio, Jewish Museum of Venice, Italy. curator Živa Kraus

         Fragole a Gennaio, Ikona Gallery, Venice Ghetto, Italy. curator Živa Kraus, Texts: Memories, Reminiscences and Thoughts               through the Aperture of Time, Hagai Segev/ Alejandra Okret's January Strawberries Glisten with their Juicy Scent, Audrey               Sklar Levy/On January Strawberries, Gila Miller. Launching of the Artist Book Frutillas, Fragole, Strawberries

2010 Musing Pink, Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator Noemi Shalev

2008 Alejandra Okret, From the Gallery Collection, Seeman Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, curator Hagai Segev

         Ciao Milano, Artist House, Tel-Aviv, curator Hagai Segev. (Zine) texts: Hagai Segev/ Audrey Sklar Levy

         Japana, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Curator Elinor Eshet (cat.)

2006 Inside the Transparent, Kyriat Haomanim, Kyriat Tivon, curator Yfat Ben Nathan 

2005 Pieces of Sky, Kibbutz Nahshon gallery, curator Yahel Kainy

2003 The Glass Maker’s Daughter, Artists' House, Jerusalem, text Hagai Segev

2001 Postcards from the Edge, Hottentot Gallery, Haifa, curator Gila Miller, text Hagai Segev (cat. - Artist Book) design Alejandra           Okret & Gila Miller

          White Zen, Popolus Gallery, Tel Aviv

1998 Introduction, Kfar Daniel, text Hagai Segev

1996 Poesie, Vittorio Mazzuconi Fundazione, Milano, text Claudio Olivieri,  Guardati Queste Carte


Duo and other Collaborations Exhibitions

2020-21Verisimilitude, four Artist’s Walls: Alejandra Okret, Doron Adar, Yehuda Armoni, Ophira Shpitz, Sklar Levy Gallery,                       Modi’in, curator Audrey Sklar Levy

2019 I posti delle fragole, duo with Carlotta Alberti, Laboratorio Carlotta Alberti, Valtournenche, Italy, text Alejandra Okret

         Wandering between light and Time, duo with Lucy Elkivity, Municipal City Gallery, Rishon Le Zion curator Efi Gen (cat.)

2017 Green Celadon with Lilach Bar Ami, Anat Michaelis Levi. Guest artists: Kimiko Yusida and Lu Yang. The Artist House, Tel                 Aviv, curator Nitza Perry (cat.)

2010  Visual Thoughts, Dwek Gallery, Mishkenot Shananim, Jerusalem, curator Irena Gordon

1996  Donne sull orlo da una crisi di creativita / Women on the Turning Point of Creativity, Alejandra Okret, Ivana D’oro, Carlotta            Alberti, Patrizia Chiatti. Castello di Vezio, Varena, Italy. Curator Alejandra Okret, Text Ivana D’Oro


Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 Mebudadim (Isolated), Community Gallery Modi’in, curator Nitza Pery

2020-21 The Salon at Agripas Street, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, curators Rina Peled & Max Epstein

2020 The Spirit of Things, N.D. Gallery, Ramat Gan curator Jennifer Bloch

2019  Interiors, The Rive Gauche, Tel Aviv curator Mira Cedar

          Mother’s Portrait, Tel Aviv Artist House, curators Irith Levin & Dorit Keidar (cat.)

          Dress and its Symbol, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, curators Nomi Tannhauser & Rita Mendes Flohr, (cat.)

          B-Structure, Sara Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator Anat Michaelis

          Agripas 12-Fresh Paint Tel Aviv, Satellites event, Belle Shafir Studio, Tel Aviv, curator Hagai Segev

2018  Locally-Lo Kal Li (Local Art/Not Easy for Me), Modi’in Artist House, curator Gabi Yair

          In Print Artist Book Fair 2018, Hansen House, curator Jenna Romano

          Artists' Book-Chapter II, Manofim, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, curator Shosh Averbuch

          On the way to Ithaka, Modi’in Artist House, curator Gabi Yair

          Artists' Book, Art Space Tel Aviv, curator Shosh Averbuch

2017  Between Heaven and Earth, Sara Erman Gallery, curator Anat Michaelis

          Like a Whisper, Agripas 12, Jerusalem, curators Alejandra Okret & Doron Adar

          Summer Exhibition II, Sara Erman Gallery, curators Sara Erman

          Between Sacred and Profane, Kol Ha ot, Jerusalem curators Gabi Yair & Bitya Rosenak

2016  Ark, from Oded Shatil's collection, 8 Lieberman Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator Yair Barak

          Traces VI, Drawing Biennale- curators Edna Mosenson & Sally Haftel Naveh, (cat.)

          Paper Shredder, Agripas 12 gallery, Jerusalem Curators Max Epstein & Oded Zaidel,

          Original Copy-A Visual Gaze at Oxymoron, Modi’in Artist House, curator Doron Adar

          Camouflage, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, curator Dina Yakerson

          Back to Eden, Yavne Artist House, curators Anat Michaelis-Levy & Sara Erman

          Stains (Ketemim), Modi’in Artist House, Modi’in, curator Gabi Yair

2015  Black and White, Neve Schechter, Tel Aviv curator Shira Friedman

          Caught in the Thicket, Modi’in Artist House, curator Gabi Yair

          Exposed, Beit Meirov Art Gallery, Holon, curator Nitza Perry

          Beuys, Beuys, Beuys, Meshuna Gallery, Tel Aviv, (cat.) curator Liav Mizrahi

          Teiot, Beit Hanzen, Jerusalem, curators Max Epstein, Vasyl Sribny

          Metzion, Agripas 12 gallery, Jerusalem, curators Max Epstein, Nina Adina Rose,

          Under the Lamplight, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, curators Doron Adar, Oded Zaidel

          Vashti, Neve Schechter, Tel Aviv, curator Shira Friedman (cat.)

2014  The Independent, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, curator Tamar Gispan-Greenberg (cat.)

          Prima, Artist House Modi’in curator Gabi Yair

2013  Eat,Love, Beit Meirov Art Gallery,  curator Nitza Perry

          Agripas 12, Fresh Paint Tel Aviv, curators Oded Zaidel, Max Epstein & Leonid Zeiger

2012  Not for Sale, Inside Oded Shatil's collection, Contemporary Art Gallery Kyriat Tivon, curator Taly Cohen Garbuz (Zine)

2011  Furl Unfurl, Rehovot City Gallery, curator Ora Kraus (cat.)

2009  Drawings to Murder Magic ZINE Project 1, The Center for Recent Drawing, London, curator Andrew Hewish 

          Almond Fields, event, Gallery Kibutz Nahshon, curator Yahel Kainy

2008  Difdufim, Seeman Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, curator Hagai Segev

2007  Traces III, drawing biennale, Artists' House, Jerusalem, curator Dalia Manor

1999  33 x 33, Artists' House, Jerusalem, curator Zvi Tolkovsky (cat.)

          Dialogue, Zionist American House, Tel Aviv, curator Hagai Segev,

          Dialogue, Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem curator Hagai Segev,(cat.)

1997  Jacaranda Trees, Unicef Fair for Latin America, Milan, Italy

          Poesie di Riso, Vercelli Art Biennale, Vercelli, Italy

1995  Graduates exhibition, Palazzo della Ragione, Milano, Italy, curator Claudio Olivieri




2007  Shoshanna Ish-Shalom Prize for artistic creation, Artists' House, Jerusalem


Special Projects


2020  White Tablecloth Map, Art Performance opening the exhibition on Vienna, The Salon at Agripas Street, Agripas 12 gallery,            Curated by Rina Peled and Max Epstein video:

2019  Colloquium Wandering between Light & Time, with: Efi Gen, Adi Angel, Doris Arkin, Prof. Yael Guilat, Dr. Gilad Padva,                Gila Miller, Gabi Yair, Lucy Elkivity & Alejandra Okret. Colloquium Wandering between Light & Time, video, Produced and            directed by Alejandra Okret & Lucy Elkivity, edited by Ana Clara Polar Mintz & Michal Zfoni, music Jorge Drexler, Two                  versions: 5 min, full version 50 min.

          Nihonga, Art and Design, Cuckoo’s Nest, Tel Aviv, curators Tamar Shain-Paz and Dar Rotem

2018  The paper contains it all, in situ installation, duo with Lucy Elkivity, at Lucy Elkivity’s Studio, Ohavim Omanut, Tel Aviv

          Clouds, Bushey Synagogue, London, curator Efrat Colover

2017  Inspiration Notebook 2016-2017 of Neve-Schechter Centre for Contemporary Art and Culture, curator Shira Friedman

          Strawberries Ceremony, Performance/Conversation, Neve-Schechter Centre for Contemporary Art and Culture, curator                  Shira Friedman

          Strawberries Ceremony, Performance at Summer Exhibition II, Sara Erman Gallery, curator Sara Erman


2013 - 2019  Member of Agripas 12 Collective Gallery

2012  Frutilla, Fragole, Strawberries, Artist Book, (Limited edition of 8) Art design Alejandra Okret & Shimon Scheneider

          Launched Ikona Gallery, Ghetto, Venezia, at the exhibition Fragole a Gennaio curator Živa Kraus

2011  Outreach to Fukushima, Children to Children,Physics' Conference on Slow Dynamics Complex Systems, 2012 Symposium,            Art Project with my students to support the rehabilitation efforts for the children of Fukushima.

2010  ZINE Project 1- Drawings to Murder Magic (relating Antonin Artaud)", The Center for Recent Drawing, London, England,                edited by Andrew Hewish


Curatorial Work


2021 cat. text Dana Arieli My Father has a Ladder, The Zionist Phantom, (to be published)

2020 cat. text Doron Adar, A Cinematic Gaze, exb., Dissolve into Landscape

2019 Surrender to Landscape  Chapter II,duo Doron Adar, Carlotta Alberti, Val Tournenche, Valle d’ Aosta, Italy (cat.)

         Surrender to Landscape Chapter I, duo Doron Adar, Carlotta Alberti, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem (cat.)

2017 cat. text Doron Adar, Ripples of an Art Gallery, exb., 900 Moments

2019 Antartica es aquí, solo exhibition Ivana D’Oro, Cinema Festival of Mountains, Ushuaia, Argentina

2018 Antártida es aquí, text to solo exhibition Ivana D’Oro, Instituto Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2017 Like a Whisper, Agripas 12 Gallery, curated with Doron Adar (cat.)

         The Mimosa Hour, group exhibition, Artist House Modi’in (cat.)

         Mini Mimosa, group exhibition, Rav Tchumi, Modi’in

2016 cat. text Dana Arieli, The Phantoms: Journeys Following the Relics of Dictatorships, (Limited Artist Book edition)

         Aqua Bella, solo exhibition of Bitya Rosenak, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem

2012  Jewish Humour, curatorial research for the exhibition. Jewish Museum Venice, Italy

1996  Donne sull orlo da una crisi de creativita, Carlotta Alberti, Patrizia Chiati , Ivana D’Oro, Alejandra Okret, Castello di Vezio,            Varena, Italy

1991  New Discoveries on Jewish Russian Art, co-curated, Zionist Confederation, Course Shalom Tzabar on Museology


Selected Bibliography


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