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The Paper Can Cointain it All 

- duo project  Lucy Elkivity & Alejandra Okret

at Lucy Elkivity's studio at Ohavim Omanut, 2018

Alejandra Okret & Lucy Elkivity site specific installation The Paper Contains it All. Sharing the same passion for paper as an art medium; exploring its power, extending its limits.

Regalame un sol, installation - pigments, acrylic, tempera, Japanese orange ink on tracing paper, on a studio working table

Tuning, tuning, the solar plexus.  Rip, rip the tracing paper. Opens…a bit the chest; with expectation...attention. The yellow pigment, cadmium yellow, too yellow,  a bit of orange, Japanese ink. Too much. More, azo yellow. The tempera size. Water, water. Mixing. The brush splashing yellow, running freely;  painting…painting… painting…One ray of sun at a time. Strip by strip. Close to the solar plexus; and the sun comes, here it comes…Piles of amarillo fire. Tangles of yellow stripes. Tuning, tuning…Opening. Tuning, tuning…Breathing in, holding; breathing out…sun.


“Regalame un Sol”-מקלט-מקלעת השמש, Pigment, acrylic, tempera, Japanese orange ink on tracing paper, 2018

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