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Light Gutters,
site specific installation within the exhibition Caesura curator Nitza Perry

Light Gutters, site specific installation
Ink, acrylic and pigment on tracing paper, laying on Perspex, 180 x 15 x 20 cm 2022


Reading Ítalo Calvino’s book Le città invisibili, this image came clear to me, the invisibility within the city. He talks about the importance of drains and cleaning the city. The removal of rubbish and dirt from a city is a basic need for the health of the population. Therefore, the sewers functioning is one of the major systems that must flow properly.

I thought of the rainwater, that once was collected in houses for washing, or simply it run down the earth to feed the water banks. Meanwhile, the modern city has become covered in cement, the drains do not collect water as they should causing ecological problem, flooding, and disasters.

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s poetry in his prose I pictured cities generating good energy, that might be collected as rain blessings. Imagine these transparent vibes flowing on beyond the city walls. Light Gutter is an art piece aiming at making the invisible visible. Collecting spirituality and positive thinking, for days of droughts. Pointing to that flow that crosses in our paths, dividing the gallery space, giving a pause, following the concept of the curator Nitza Perry of Caesura, and illuminating it. Art as a reminder to cherish, to appreciate, to breathe …

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