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Tracing Paper

Tracing paper is in many ways the core of my art. The fascination with its transparency, makes me feel like I am working on air, capturing images in the intangible. Then, there is the transformational factor. Tracing paper curls, expands, becomes tridimensional, takes space in the space. A sense of magic takes over, observing the transitions, as if the paper breathes and then stays frozen for ever in a suspended dance. From the fine line in drawings, that has a sense of manuscript, to the brushstrokes that create a different perspective, all is exciting; a journey. The magic becomes somehow stronger when it’s composed of pieces, an alliteration of forms that traps light and shadows, that change with the point of view of the observer, with the hours of the day and the seasons of the year. It is a perfect material for installation, where I can bring the experience to all the senses. I wish people could listen to the sounds of the paper ripping, the brush stroke caressing the paper and the splash of the watery paint… still somehow all that process gets registered, hidden within the art.  
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